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Before you get started, let's go over the basics

Flipping pages:

Option 1: click on the arrows on the main navigation bar

Option 2: click the side of the page

Option 3: using your keyboard, click the left or right arrows to turn pages back and forth


Option 1: click anywhere on a page to zoom in. To zoom-out, click anywhere on the screen or click the "zoom-out" icon - - in the bottom menu.

Option 2:press the "z" key on your keyboard to zoom in and out of pages

Changing Zoom Levels:

Navigation Lists:

Hover over the button on the main navigation menu and choose between the different types of lists.

hover over an article to display a small preview of the page:

click on the article to flip directly to that page


To search the current publication you're reading:

enter your search term in the box provided and click the search button

a list of results will display - hover over a result to see a preview of the page, click to load the page

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Toolbar Options:

Linking to specific Pages:

You can link to specific pages within any publication by simply adding "/x" to the end of the URL (where x is the page number).

For example, to link to page 3 in a publication with ID 200, the URL would look like http://www.ifoldsflip.com/i/200/3

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